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Kokrookoo: Friday, 14-Sep-2012
 Date: 14-Sep-2012       
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Name: jwnvvdph
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Name: qrhthirto
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Name: Sean
Good gracious it bginrs it all back in glorious technicolour! Having left Malaga airport in the rain we arrived in Stansted under a clear blue sky and beautiful autumn colours! Do hope the rain cleared up for the walkers. Will try and send some of my photos if I can work out how to do it easily.Kindest regardsShona
Name: local
Kwame, why do u take bribe from this people. Just be careful cos we like ur program and all of them will go down soon dnt let them take u with them, also talk to Abieku
Author: Don Blunt;;; Woyomi unlawfull judgement debt... The Attorney General who was courageous enough to fight for Ghana HAS BEEN SACKED! by the President, allegedly for "misconduct". So why do you praise this govt for "becoming more serious..."? Then again, do you understand anything about all the writs being filed left and right to prevent the court from proceeding with the actual case? All these adjournments have nothing to do with retrieving our money. They are wasting time with tactical "rules of the game". For your understanding, Betty Mould and her office allowed Woyome to dupe Ghana by filing a "stupid case" at court which the govt would definitely lose. Then, Amidu saw the fraud, and filed a writ of amendment of the stupid case, stating that Woyome had no contract with Kufuor, so Woyome cannot claim that Kufuor has illegally abrogated his contract. And if Kufuor has not abrogated any contract with Woyome, then the so called judgement debt claim is fraudulent. This angered the President, and he fired Amidu. The court has informed Woyome about this "change" (or, new situation), and adjourned the case, for Woyome to respond. Now the lawyers of Woyome have also written to the court, against this "change". The court has therefore adjourned everything, to allow the AG to also either reject, or accept what the lawyers of Woyome are saying. That is where we are now. And this game can go on, and on, and on.. And the actual case concerning the $51million can begin in twenty years time. No need for jubilation now.

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