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Kokrookoo: Wednesday, 26-Sep-2012
 Date: 26-Sep-2012       
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Name: kweku martin
what kwesi pratt saying he need felix ofosu kwakye to work with no wonder birds of the same feathers folk together that ofosu kwakye should pray hard cos he will be the first idiot to be jailed so that he can continue with his insultive charater on the warders at Nsawam stupid mans son. As for Kwesi pratt fire will burn you kwaseapani aboa
AUTHOR: KYEI-MENSAH-OSEI, KOFI.--- ...That the late President Mills was meek is not debatable. Perhaps Prof Mills’ only mistake was that he trusted his handlers to a fault; even to the point of ignoring the good counsel of his beloved Mrs Ernestina Naadu Mills against that of a withering leaf like Brig-Gen Joseph Nunoo-Mensah! These handlers were the same people former President Rawlings once rightly labelled as “greedy bastards”. President Mills’s health issues were made public way back in 2006/2007. Hon Teye Nyaunu then called on the NDC to elect a new flag-bearer when it became apparent that then Presidential Candidate Mills was unwell. This matter lingered on even into the good Professor’s tenure until he met his untimely death on Tuesday, 24th of July 2012. Readers may recall Herbert Mensah and Ato Ahwoi’s exchanges on radio when each accused the other of being the first to make public the late President’s hallucinatory symptoms in 2010. One would have thought that in the face of the prevailing circumstances at the time, the Prof Mills’ handlers would have been a bit more cautious with their handling of the President but like Victorian Task Masters, they didn’t care a hoot! For the sake of their bellies and their insatiable greed, they pushed and shoved the poor man to his early grave to the chagrin of Naadu Mills and the entire citizenry. These are indeed avaricious and vain ignoramuses eating with both hands and parading the corridors of power!....
COLUMNIST: JUSTICE ABEKU NEWTON-OFFEI... I listened to Kwesi Pratt on 13th May 13, 2012 edition of ‘alhaji-alhaji’ on Ghana’s radio Rwanda (radio gold) as he described NPP presidential running mate for upcoming December general elections, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, as having intellectual capacity akin to that of “serial caller”, it brought back the memories of this very same Kwesi’s description of Kufuor as having an intelligent quotient of a 6year old. He also described a vote for Nana Addo in the upcoming December elections as sure way to calamity for Ghana. From what I know, the highest academic credential of Kwesi Pratt is his journalism certificate from GIJ somewhere in the 70’s and his only claim to fame on our Ghanaian political landscape has been nothing but persistent incoherent ramblings. Kwesi Pratt, practically, hasn’t done anything concrete to contribute to our nation’s socio-economic advancement. He has managed, very much skillfully, to worm his way into the hearts of almost all presidents our nation has had just for some reasons which are very much obvious to every critical observer. Kwesi Pratt once described Felix Kwakye-Ofosu as an intelligent person and he (Kwesi) was looking forward to working with him in the same entity...

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