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Kokrookoo: Monday, 29-Oct-2012
 Date: 29-Oct-2012       
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Ithink MENSAH OTABIL forget his bible if God bless you then you forget the poor may God forgive you and repent
Columnist: Damptey, Daniel Danquah... ...Mr President, let all those on duty at both the Castle and the 37 Military Hospital on the day the President was alleged to have died make themselves available for questioning. It is only by doing this that Ghanaians will accept you as a free-minded President who will not be subjected to manipulations at the hands of hawks, vultures, venomous vipers, snarling and hissing snakes, wolves, rabid and vicious dogs masquerading under the guise of party apparatchiks. And above all, be truthful unto yourself and your Creator. On public enquiry we stand. Do not Deny Ghanaians this request, Mr. President.
Name: kwamena
Oh, Man of God, you are one of the pastors I like so much, but pls as for this one pls come again, in Sweden from kindergaten to university is free, you mean to tell me that becouse of that the parents have lost the respect from their children? TOO MUCH RESPECT MY PEOPLE PERESH, Sweden is amoung the best educated countries in the world,
Name: maa
why is kwame playing this audio i heard he does not do that. may i know why.
Name: yaw
According to the man of God, is he saying that in the united state where we have free education from kindergarten to high school is not quality? Can the man of God tell ghanaians that b'cos they use the tax payers money in founding these schools and is free, the quality is bad? And who says the people of communities where the schools are built can have a say in the development of their children. let me always ask the man of God, by his argument, all the senaters, governors and some of all the rich to do celebrities wants to be paid well b/4 they send their children to school. tell me and lets compare our children to kids in the state. i say NO.
Name: Yaw Mark Maryland USA
I do not know the premise on which Pastor Otabil is putting his arguement,if i got him right,it means we are already paying our tax and out of that money the gov is using to do all the infrastructural projects and what have you, so in the nut shell i think he is trying to draw our attention that even if its free education is our tax money.
Name: Avery Ansah, USA
I am sorry to say I disagree with Mensah Otabil. So when you deduce from what he said, those whose children had free education could not discipline their children just because they did not pay their school fees. What a logic? Pastor come again....Is fee free education wrong? Some developed countries give free education. In the USA, where I am, parents do not pay fees from Kindergarten, elementary, junior and senior high schools. Is there anything wrong with that? You start paying fees when u get to the University, even there is grant, scholarship, aid, etc. I have been here for only 2 years and my children are in a public school. We do not pay school fees. Here the private schools pay fees.
Name: Kwame
Some should advice Mensah Otabil to stay clear from politics. His ideas are all none fa.

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