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Kokrookoo: Tuesday, 13-Nov-2012
 Date: 13-Nov-2012       
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Name: whlizbmyuz
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Name: Rui
I don't know what the specific beef was, but there were ayawls large numbers of African-Americans, from the mid-50s on, who felt that the more integration-oriented, 'mainstream' voices in the Civil Rights movement (translation: voices deemed legitimate by White-owned and operated media entities) were too conciliatory, too trusting, too willing to ask for rights that, as American citizens, they were putatively born with, and too un-willing to defend themselves against their opressors (in whatever form).Hagiography and other forms of marketable history tells us that there was no significant criticism of Martin Luther King within the whole of the Civil Rights movement prior to 1967-1968 . . . or if there was, it was from so-called marginal sectors such as The Nation of Islam (who were ayawls portrayed as a pack of bloodthirsty crackpots). In truth, groups such as the NOI represented a far larger segment of opinion among African-Americans (none of it crazy) than any media outlet in the late 1950s was willing to admit to.This protester doubtless emerges from that schism.
Name: Get him off the show at once!!
Kwame, please I think it is time you get Kwesi Pratt off your show, he is becoming very annoying and a dictator. If he comes here on invitation then please Kwame by all means get him off your show he cannot tell you what to do like he tell others what to do and he gets angry when he is challenged.
Name: yaw wusu
for once i agree with kwesi pratt
Name: Ataa Nii, Fretown
Kwesi Pratt know everything in the world except for only one technique: he doesn't know how to develop a newspaper to become a highly preferred and widely read one. His newspaper has forever remained just a small insignificant tabloid. How many people prefer it????
Name: K. Amoako Forson - Jamaica
Wofa Kwame please take heart. Kwasi has crossed the line many times by attacking you.It is irresponsible to disrespect who respects you. No one decides what Kwasi puts in his paper.

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