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Kokrookoo: Monday, 14-Jan-2013
 Date: 14-Jan-2013       
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Name: Kwaku Acheapong - Australia
Where is Kwame, who is in charge when Kwame is not in Peace FM, since 11th of February the kookrokoo web site has not been up dated, can someone explain why? Please, the one responsible should see to that. Thank you
Name: dojie guinto
hi there... i'm dojie,i'm from the phillipines. i recently meet a girl from ghana,i dont really understand the language.. but i like your music.. i would like totake the opportunity to say hi to her.. she is Vina Kina...tnx guys...
Name: kwovkr
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Name: Tali
Feb25Kurt Paulsen Hi Billy, thanks for this whole site is amnzaig, first time i really checked it out this weekend. What you have shared here has helped get a better insight into how two situations I have been involved with are a gift and really a fantastic message!The is with my Family who are Seventh Day Adventist Christians, in fact my step dad is a Minister of Three Churches. They struggle with my decision to study Kabbalah and conduct myself according to what i am learning, i in turn struggle with my limited knowledge to explain that we are involved with the same thing! your site has definatly helped me to grow my understanding and as a result my ability to relate the concepts to my family we have reached a point not neccessarily where we agree but at least now we can tolerate each others point of view and accept the simularities that exist between Kabbalah and Christianity as my Family study and live it.The second is reconciling what has been going on in daily life with the spiritual lesson the light was giving me, which was cemented with reading the above article I was involved in a board meeting on Friday, Finance and Sales were thrashing out our debt recovery policy and i was trying to understand what my lesson was, why was i in this meeting both sides had valid points and both sides had flaws, each side highlighted there valid points, defended, ignored or tried to justify their flaws and focused on increasing the perceived gravity of the flaws in the other side was crazy because both were trying to achieve the same thing timely collection of money from customers without undue stress or interuption to our business or the business of the people we were trading with, but both sides lost sight of thatSo as i read this article it is so cool to have the penny drop and the lesson from my time with my family this weekend deepen! light not right to remember what are we actually aiming to achieve in a given situation!
Name: leggesay
dis shuld nt be happnng
When Kwaku Baako informed us about the atrocities of Kwasi Pratt during PNDC Regime, some of us did not believe until the truth was confirmed during the NRC. Kwasi Pratt is the most dangerous Journalist Ghana had ever have, he had the gut to recommend his fellow journalists to be executed by PNDC. Pratt even recommended Baako to be killed by the regime, thank God Baako was instead touchered violently and severely but his life was spared. This is what Kwasi Prat can do. Now Pratt is a secret agent to NDC and US Embassy in Ghana. May God forgive Prat and spare him the untold evils that will come upon him and his generations. The souls of those journalist killed through Pratts recommendations to PNDC will never forgive Pratt. Now Patt has the gut to take Diplomatic Passport and smuggled his weak-headed children to work at the Ministries under Mills NDC, may God forgive Pratt and his dependance and spare them of the evils ahead of them...

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